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The InterLink platform is the oil & gas industry’s leading web-based quality management system designed specifically for the administration of the API Spec Q1 9th edition standard.  The InterLink platform contains more than 64 integrated modules and built-in reports that enable users to control all aspects of the API Spec Q1 requirements from a single, secure, and easy-to-use application.

Organizations of any size can benefit from the increased productivity, efficiency, and security of adopting our oil and gas compliance solutionsAPI SPEC Q2 COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE

Petroleum service supply organizations are under increasing pressure from customers to comply with the new API Spec Q2 standard. The changing customer focus is forcing companies to rethink their approach to quality management compliance. For companies to navigate the current environment successfully, an oil and gas compliance solution that can adapt quickly to global market demands is required.

Accupoint’s flexible API Spec Q2 quality management system provides you with an intuitive, easy-to-use application that combines the latest cloud technology and industry best practices to ensure API Spec Q2 certification.  Our SAM™ API Q2 quality management system is packaged with 43 integrated modules and over 85 pre-defined reports to streamline the management and reporting requirements outlined in API Spec Q2 .API SPECS Q1 AND Q2 INTEGRATED COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE

The petroleum industry has undergone tremendous change over the past decade.  There has been a wave of consolidations and mergers in an attempt to gain greater efficiency and market share.  Many companies now provide both products and services to the oil and gas sector.

In the past, many providers were forced to maintain multiple business management systems to conform to customer and regulatory requirements. In order to remain competitive, service providers in the oil and gas industry need high-tech tools that will help them connect multiple and diverse locations in real-time communication.
Introducing the Acurx™ integrated API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 quality management system.  Acurx is the only cloud-based quality solution on the market today that has been specifically designed to administrate the requirements of multiple API specifications.

With 86 integrated modules and more than 120 pre-defined user reports, managers can effectively control and manage all API components using one secure and straightforward application.


Regardless of the field that your company specializes in, compliance is a colossal undertaking. Keeping up with evolving ISO standards requires dedication, attention to detail and resource investment. For many enterprises, these tasks represent untenable obligations that may actually hinder efficiency.

OpLink’s simple user interface, powerful back end analysis tools and anytime access to data ensure multi-level organizational involvement in the compliance management system. In addition, the OpLink ISO Management system contains a comprehensive tool set helps save staff time in data acquisition and analysis, while ensuring that compliance metrics are managed and monitored consistently.

Thank you for your interest in Accupoint software. We offer innovative, web-based compliance management systems that are ideal for organizations of all sizes.

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