API published the Q1 9th Edition 2nd Addendum in June with an effective date of June 2019. But that doesn’t mean you can forget about it until next year.  Beginning immediately auditors are looking for compliance with these new requirements. Don’t wait until you get a finding before you implement these changes to your QMS.

The addendum adds to or modifies language in 6 paragraphs of the Spec. It deals with how you control the quality of your suppliers and your suppliers’ suppliers. Sound confusing? Ed Durante, TIEC president, will break it down and make it clear for you. Ed has been on the API committees responsible for writing the Q1 Spec since its very first edition.

Watch the replay here.


  • I missed this webinar. Is it possible to get the information that was covered. Have a mature Q1 and 16D system in place but open to ideas on implementation of addendum 2 to our supply chain

  • Alan

    Click the link above to go to the page on the TIEC website where the video and materials are posted.
    Let me know if you have any question or we can be of assistance.

  • Alina

    How can i get other webinars from TIEC?

    Thank you



    Dear Sir,

    As per the requirements API Q1 addendum 2, States ” verification of the type and extend of control applied by the supplier, internally and to their supply chain in order to meet the origination requirements”
    Could you please provide me format/procedure with examples , which will help me to implement easily.

    Your prompt reply and kind assistance in this regard would appreciated.

    Best regards

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