QMS Consulting, Project Management & Maintenance


Optimize your time running your business by hiring TIEC. We have extensive experience implementing quality management systems to comply with industry standards.

QMS Consulting, Project Management & Maintenance

TIEC provides assistance in the development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Systems in compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) , American Petroleum Institute (API), and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) requirements, typically leading to receipt of ISO Certification , API Monogram Licenses, and ASME Code Stamps. These services include the development of manuals, procedures, work instructions forms, objectives, and reports; establishing implementation strategies; training of client personnel; and assistance during certification audits.

Quality Management Systems may integrate quality management with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE), Risk Management and other customer, regulatory, product or company specified requirements as needed or appropriate for your company.

The API offers an API Monogram License (API registered certification mark) for equipment or parts that meet API product specification requirements and has been manufactured within a quality management system that complies with API Spec Q1. The API Monogram Licenses are only issued after an on-site audit has verified that the facility meets the program requirements. The rights and authorities to use the mark are facility and location specific. The use of the API Monogram on product constitutes a representation and warranty by the licensed manufacturer that, on the date of manufacture, the product conforms to all applicable standards and requirements of API. The API also offers certification of quality management systems for Service Supply providers (to Oil & Gas Industries) to API Spec. Q2. TIEC has extensive international experience in preparing companies for these certification programs.

Companies that don’t have a system or product certifications will be at a disadvantage when attempting to compete against those who do, and may not even be seriously considered for many tender offerings. A system certification also provides a marketing tool to prospective customers and a level of confidence of your ability to maintain specified requirements. Whether you are a manufacturer or service supplier there is a quality standard for your particular application.

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a systematic way of monitoring and controlling the essential activities of your business, to continually improve products, processes, efficiency and personnel. These systems are a method for ensuring that all the activities necessary to design, develop and implement a product or service are effective and efficient with respect to the system and its performance.

TIEC personnel will collaborate and work directly with your management team to develop documentation deliverables, continuously plan and update the overall program schedule and evaluate the status and progress of all ongoing activities.

TIEC is able to provide project management services to ensure established timelines are met as necessary. Project Management includes developing a project plan that defines project goals and objectives, which also specifies how tasks and goals will be achieved. Documents such as, resources, budgets and timelines for completion are requested for adequate implementation.

Quality plans are individually developed for manufactured products and/or servicing to provide critical controls to ensure specified requirements are met. These can include witnessing of critical inspections, tests, installations, commissioning of products and operations.

A Project Manager will oversee the execution of your project’s scope, quality, time and cost. Qualified personnel are assigned to perform monitoring and witnessing of critical inspections, tests, installations, and operations. They can also evaluate vendor qualifications and capabilities to specification and codes.

TIEC provides client organizations ongoing support to assure continued and effective implementation of quality and management systems in order to maintain licenses and certifications.

We offer Quality System Maintenance by performing periodical audits to ensure all operations are in compliance with your requirements. TIEC provides services to investigate and resolve customer claims, particularly those that involve compliancy to specified product or service requirements.

These services include performing internal audits, management reviews, identifying and tracking performance data, training of personnel, and establishing continual improvement initiatives.

The typical client profiles are small and medium sized organizations with limited resources or lack of experienced personnel. However we have provided services to large multi-national organizations.

These services are provided through a contract specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client on a fixed retainer basis, providing client organizations a cost effective alternative to full time personnel.

TIEC provides assessments to identify improvement of key processes within your organization and assist in the implementation of the proposed actions. The recommendations are presented to improve efficiency, reduce costs, eliminate “non-value” added task, increase capacity, and most importantly improve customer service and satisfaction. Our assistance also includes developing baseline metrics to track process performance and production, benchmarking, trend analysis and employee training and workshops.

Trend Analysis
TIEC can assist in establishing key performance indicators, identifying and analyzing trends within your processes for the purpose of reducing or eliminating non-conformances (reworks, rejects, scrap) and/or improving the efficiency of your operations. Analysis of these type of trends will better enable you to make the tough but informed decisions necessary to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Strategic Planning (Organizational and Financial)
TIEC provides consulting to increase management effectiveness by enhancing abilities to understand the cost of quality, pricing for profit, costs of nonconforming product or service, financial controls for the non-financial managers and the job costing process.

Problem Resolution and General Consulting
TIEC provides client organizations assistance and support in developing strategies for correcting nonconforming conditions and resolving problems with certification bodies, customer conflicts, and product deficiencies, performing Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), vender evaluations, and product design services.

These services include analyzing problems, determining and resolving causes of the deficiencies, supplier problems. TIEC also represents clients in communications with certification bodies.

TIEC can assist you with the development, training, implementation and maintenance of these systems by incorporating these requirements within your current operating system.

Our certified auditors have extensive industry experience with Manufacturers and Service suppliers to provide thorough, independent and objective auditing.

Our Inspection Services staff has a vast array of knowledge in Oil & Gas, Ship Building, Aerospace and Structured inspections.

TIEC offers several online training courses these are : API Specification Q1 9th Edition (incl. Addendum 2), API Specification Q2, API Spec Q1 9th Edition Risk, Contingency Planning and Management of Change and others.

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