TIEC provides technical consulting to various industries to assist companies in complying with industry, quality, and regulatory requirements (safety & environmental). Companies are often required by their customers to have a management system that is compliant to international, national, or industry standards.

TIEC can assist you with the development, training, implementation and maintenance of these systems by incorporating these requirements within your current operating system.

TIEC audits and assessments are tailored to each client’s needs, requirements, standards, products and/or services to ensure the client’s organization achieves compliance, certification, licensing or approval.

Our certified auditors have extensive industry experience with Manufacturers and Service suppliers to provide thorough, independent and objective auditing.

TIEC offers third party inspection services for Quality Assurance to ensure vendors or subcontractors comply with specified requirements.

Our Inspection Services staff has a vast array of knowledge in Oil & Gas, Ship Building, Aerospace and Structured inspections.

TIEC offers several training options including quality and technical related public courses, facility usage at the Houston Training and Conference Center, customized client on site courses and online training options.

Training is beneficial for both the organization and the employee, it is an investment that can improve business performance, profit and morale.